New St. Paul Tabernacle Church of God in Christ
Bishop P. A. Brooks, Pastor

Missionary Circle


Licensed Missionaries
A missionary is one that is called by God to fulfill a mission or purpose. She must study the word of God as her rule of faith and practice. A Missionary must serve her local church and help to build the work of God in the Women’s Department which will enhance the general work of the Church. She must be one who understands and obeys the spiritual leadership of the church. A missionary should already be actively involved in missionary work, such as; prayer meetings, evangelism efforts, concerned about others in hospitals, nursing homes and less fortunate people, and a consistent financial supporter with tithes and offerings.

Missionary Virginia Williams, President



Aspiring Missionaries

The Aspiring Missionary is a woman who is saved and filed with the Holy Ghost and feels a special call of God in her life for a higher ministry. She should be a woman whose life reflects a godly image and who has been faithful to her family and her church. She must e godly concerned about soul winning, faithful in prayer, and apt to teach. The Aspiring Missionary should display a pattern of good works, being obedient to her pastor, and adhere to the doctrine and teaching of the Church.

Missionary Deborah Easter, Training Coordinator